About Us

Arihant Educational Trust

Arihant Educational Trust was established in 2018, guided by the belief that every individual can achieve his or her dream if given a chance at a well-rounded education. The Trust, through its institutions, is committed to deliver quality education across domains towards developing assets for the nation. AGI further strives to promote human dignity and common good through the pursuit of knowledge.

AGI is an nationally recognized educational institution and our broad-based education programs cover science, technology, social, finance, commerce, management, innovation, sports, international knowledge exchange, edutech and startup incubation. The programs prepare students to become passionate leaders with empathy in a globally growing competitive working environment.


AGI seeks to transform lives and communities and to achieve this effectively numerous concepts and value programs are incorporated into the system. Students are challenged to look beyond the classroom, solve real world problems, develop their own search for purpose, and cultivate strong professional ethics. Our transformative learning experiences, in and out of the classroom, are designed to produce alumni who desire to make a significant societal impact.

AGI is open to all. The institution is inclusive and supportive of everyone, every day regardless of their faith, culture, income or gender. Inclusivity is further ensured through equal opportunity. All AGI courses offer work placements, internships opportunities - such that no individual is left behind in our pursuit for human-life progress.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision



AGI aspires to be a global educational leader, fostering excellence, innovation and building socially & environmentally conscience students through a sustainable holistic educational system.



AGI is dedicated to delivering high-quality education across diverse domains, preparing students to be passionate, empathetic leaders for a competitive global landscape. We aim to instill social responsibility and values that contribute to positive societal transformation.

Creating an educational environment


  • To meet learners' needs by creating an educational environment in which students can attain a variety of academic and career goals.
  • To foster a learning community wherein the diverse values, goals and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.
  • To encourage enthusiastic independent thinkers and learners.
  • To involve and seek contribution from all sectors of the industry and the community to integrate global perspectives in the growing process.

Our Purpose

“We create and exchange knowledge to shape future leaders, improve our communities, and transform lives.”

Arihant Group of Institutions

AGI was established in 2018. The group currently offers programs from a wide range of disciplines through their Institutions across two campuses in Bengaluru. Since the group pays great attention to the quality of the education, it uses its motto – Mind, Brain & Education to offer selected programs through its institutions in the Commerce, Management and Science domains. Along with working on the linking what the learners specialize in, the focus of the group is also to provide equal importance to offer the required exposure of the professional industry across the globe. It welcomes students, wishing them success and excellence in their studies and with confidence that they prove able to continue the march towards a brighter and more prosperous future for the country