Arihant Student Forum for Social Cause - ASFSC

Arihant Student Forum for Social Cause (ASFSC)

Dear Sir/Madam/Student,

We, the Management of Arihant Group of Institutions, Bangalore carry a humble vision to inculcate the social inclination amongst our students’ right from their learning days. This, we believe, becomes strong and eventually might add to a great extent towards social contributions, which a country like ours certainly needs, when our students start earning and understand the problems of the society they live in.

As on outcome of this vision, our student volunteers themselves have formed Arihant Student Forum for Social Cause (ASFSC) functioning on a not-for-profit basis, with an objective of serving the society from catering to the needs of rural students to the needs of the entire rural ecosystem in many ways possible, by continuously acting like a bridge between have’s and have-not’s.

ASFSC is wholly managed by students of Arihant Group of Institutions. One among these activities is collecting the used/unused education materials and stationaries from those who have and distributing to those who need.

Hence, we take this opportunity to urge you, your kids who would have just finished their examinations, family members, friends and relatives to be a part of this great initiative and to wholeheartedly support our students in accomplishing their humble social objectives, which are special given their age.

You are requested to fill the below form and submit, post which our students volunteers would contact you, visit your doorsteps, collect any donations in Kind only(NOT CASH), handover the appreciation certificate and arrange to distribute your donations to the needy.

We believe your valuable contributions will serve our society in a long way. Thanks for your Social Patronage.

Arihant Group of Institutions, Bangalore.-ASFSC

Please click the below link for filling up details of your donations (only in KIND, not CASH):