BCA Program

About the Program

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is an undergraduate academic degree program that is focused on providing students with a strong foundation in computer science & applications. The program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of computer science, software development, & computer applications. The duration of the BCA program is three years, & it is divided into six semesters. The course curriculum of BCA includes subjects such as computer programming, data structures, algorithms, software engineering, computer networks, database management systems, web development, & computer graphics.

The program also includes practical sessions, lab assignments, & project work to provide hands-on experience to the students. The objective of the BCA program is to prepare students for a career in the field of computer science & technology. After completing the BCA program, students can pursue higher education in the field of computer science or technology, or they can start their career as a software developer, web developer, database administrator, or IT consultant.

Extra-Curricular/ Co-Curricular Activities

  • Inter & intra college hackathons.
  • Studythons
  • Inter & intra college Ideathons
  • Hands-on skill building workshops
  • Research conferences
  • Seminars & presentations
  • Cultural events & fests
  • MOOC’s as a part of the program & many more…

Program Design








3% – 6%




30% – 40%




30% – 40%




10% – 20%

Project work / Self study



6% – 12%




120 (C)



Title of Course

System Administration

Linux Administration

Database Administration

Network Administration

Application Design

Computer Graphics

2D/ 3D Animation

Gaming (AR)

Software Testing

Debugging & Testing

Automation Testing

Robotic Process Automation

Skill Enhancement Electives

Human Computer Interaction

Web Content Management

E-Commerce Application Development (Shopify)

Accounting & Financial Management

Data Visualization

Key Differentiators

BCA Program with specializations in System Administration, Application Design & Software Testing has several Key Differentiator. BCA program with specializations in System Administration, Application Design, & Software Testing offers a comprehensive & practical education that can help students to succeed in the competitive world of information technology.

  • SPECIALIZATIONS: The program offers specializations in three different areas, giving students the opportunity to focus their studies & develop in-depth expertise in a particular area of interest. This can help students to stand out in the job market & pursue specialized career paths.
  • PRACTICAL FOCUS: The program has a practical focus, with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning & real-world applications. This can help students to develop practical skills that they can apply immediately in the workplace, which can make them more valuable to potential employers.
  • PLACEMENT TRAINING WITH MOCK-UP’S: We offer placement training with mock-up’s, which can help students to develop their interview skills, build confidence, & prepare for job interviews. This can be particularly helpful for students who may not have prior experience with job interviews or who are nervous about the process.
  • INDUSTRY-RELEVANT CURRICULUM: BCA program is designed to be industry-relevant, with a curriculum that is regularly updated to reflect current trends & best practices in the field. This ensures that students are learning the most up-to-date & relevant skills, which can increase their chances of finding a job after graduation.
  • SKILL ENHANCEMENT ELECTIVES: BCA program offers skill enhancement electives that allow students to explore interdisciplinary areas like digital marketing & cyber law. This provides students with overall education that combines technical skills with knowledge of other fields, making them better prepared for the complexities of the modern workplace.


10+2 (Recognized by PUE Board or Equivalent)

Degree Awarded by

Global Campus- VV Thalaghattapura

Admission Process

  • Application form fill & submission
  • Appear for the Arihant Entrance Exam
  • Documents Verification
  • Interaction with Principals
  • Acceptance of Provisional Admission
  • Fee payment and document submission

Document Checklist

  • 10th Marks card
  • 12th Marks card
  • Student & Parent's Aadhar card
  • Transfer certificate
  • Migration certificate*
  • Caste certificate*
  • Income certificate*
  • Passport size photos 10nos, Parents-3nos

Career Opportunities

  • Invited Guest Lectures: Sessions are conducted by inviting industrial trainers to help the freshers crack the aptitude tests.
  • Placement Coordinator: There is a dedicated coordinator who deal with the Placement Activities at the departmental level to assist the students in getting more exposure to the industry expectations & real-world applications.
  • Industry Interactions: Students are taken to various technology summits to understand the industry potentials & its future trends.
  • Placement Orientation: An orientation is organised by the University & at the Department level to make the students aware of the Placement policies. The policies are framed such that every student gets fair opportunity in making their career.
  • Pre-Placement Training: ARIHANT Institution has separate department of Training & Placement Cell and has a unique campus-wide program called Pre-Placement Training. A team of final year students conduct a series of tests, both aptitude & technical twice a week.

Future Career Prospects After Completing The Program

There are diverse career options for Graduates in Computer Applications. Some of them are as listed below

  • Web Design & Development: A lot of Web-Development companies hire Computer Applications students for designing Websites for E-commerce, Finance, Hospitality, Transportation, & various other domains.
  • IoT & Data Science: Abundant scope is open for Graduate freshers who have hands-on Internet of Things to work on various Industrial projects, Security, Home Automation etc. The huge amount of data collected is also further considered for Data Analytics & Data Science projects. Most of these projects also demand skills of Cloud Computing.
  • CRM & ERP: A good number of students are absorbed by companies building CRM & ERP applications. They train the freshers on SAP technologies, Oracle, or proprietary software.
  • Network Management: Companies relying on network infrastructure also hire freshers & train them in Infrastructure Management. They are trained on SNMP tools to constantly monitor the critical network components. They also work on automation of various networking operations which otherwise is time consuming.
  • Network Security: A few organizations provide opportunities for freshers to work on identifying vulnerabilities in their system & identify security measures. A new dimension is now open in Blockchain technology.
  • Software Testing:Computer Applications students are also in demand for Software testing both for manual & automated divisions. The students are exposed to Testing tools like Java Script, Selenium etc.
  • Mobile App & UI / UX: Graduates are also preferred in developing Mobile Applications, front-end design - User Interface / User Experience, in customizing the first-hand experience of customers/users in handling any user interface. Companies building Android / IOS apps for Games, AR/VR applications etc prefer freshers in this domain as well.