Joint Academic Social Responsibility [JASR]

Joint Academic Social Responsibility [JASR]

Summary Report

Arihant Educational Trust, Bengaluru has taken a leap in the educational ecosystem. Being a young institution, a unique model has been launched on 15th August, 2020 by its Hon. Chairman – Sri Ashok S Nagori, to empower the young and innovative minds in paving way to be the future of the nation. Joint Academic Social Responsibility or JASR is the approach through which Arihant Group of Institutions have planned to reach the society and have a positive impact in the area of education.

Launch of JASR Scheme Document on 15th August, 2020

(From left to right: Dr. Harish G Ugraiah, Dean; Sri Sudhir Jain, Secretary; Sri. Ashok S Nagori, Chairman; Prof. Yashveer Chopra, Director; Prof. Nagesh Sharma, Principal; Prof. Bhanu Prakash R, Associate Director)

In the current times, this project aims to imbibe confidence in students, parents and other stakeholders of the society and create a positive ecosystem in the educational sphere.

JASR is offering scholarships over 1 crore Indian Rupees through its six schemes, having a holistic approach towards giving our society the power to feel what quality education can do. The schemes focus on both internal and external stakeholders and contribute specific vested responsibilities which can be exercised by individuals and institutions. Our schemes* will provide detailed information on the objectives and outcomes each of them aim to achieve.

Scheme 1 Merit Scholarship
Scheme 2 PanchRatna Scholarship
Scheme 3 Institutional Collaboration
Scheme 4 Government Representative Reference Scheme
Scheme 5 Outstanding Achievements Awards
Scheme 6 Internal Reference Scheme

Visit our campuses for details of the Schemes available and applicability and make education a reality for all